Rack Mount Amplifier

  • Up to 60GHz;
  • Rack Mount 1U or 2U ;
  • Load VSWR Protection ;
  • Overdrive Protection;
  • High Temp. Protection;

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General Details
Rack mount amplifier are self-contained and include their own power supply, amplifier module, cooling, and front panel indicators and monitors. Our state-of-the-art technology and professional engineers have worked hard to develop an ideal design that is both durable and precise.Panda Microwave’s rack mount amps are your best option that is also fully protected.
It provides a complete solution for laboratory and base station applications.
Operating Voltage : 100 – 240 VDC.

Rack mount amplifier (1U/2U)

P / NFreq.minFreq. maxPsatGainGain Fla.HarmonicsSupriousVoltage
GHzGHzWdB MindB MaxdBcdBcV
PA010020-40U10_A121040±1.51060100 - 240
PA010020-40U20_A122040±1.51060100 - 240
PA020060-40U10_A261040±2.01060100 - 240
PA020060-40U20_A262040±2.01060100 - 240
PA060180-40U10_A6181040±2.51060100 - 240
PA060180-40U20_A6182040±2.51060100 - 240
PA180260-40U10_A18261040±2.01060100 - 240
PA190210-40U10_A19211040±1.51060100 - 240
PA190210-40U20_A19212040±1.51060100 - 240
PA290310-40U10_A29311040±2.01060100 - 240
PA290310-40U20_A29312040±1.51060100 - 240
PA340360-40U10_A34361040±1.51060100 - 240
PA340360-40U20_A34362040±1.51060100 - 240
PA430480-40U10_A43481040±2.01060100 - 240
PA430450-40U20_A43452040±2.01060100 - 240
PA590610-40U10_A59611040±2.01060100 - 240

RF amplifier systems are their multiple protection features. These features include:

1. Fully self-contained – This Amplifier system provides reliable operations under conditions of amplifier abuse and can contains the power supply, amplifier module, cooling, panel indicators and monitors. The system enclosure can stand alone on a bench or be rack mounted.
2. Load VSWR Protection (Self-initiated shutdow)
3. High Temp. Protection (Self-initiated shutdow)
4. Overdrive Protection (Self-initiated shutdow)

Many of our Rack mount amplifier products are RoHS and REACH compliant. We can also customize a model according to your specific requirements. Exceptional customer service and technical support are on hand to support our customers with amplifiers needs.

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