Millimeter-wave High Power Amplifier

  • Up to 50GHz;
  • Psat : 80W CW. ;
  • Stainless Steel Connectors;
  • ROHS and REACH compliant;

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General Details
Panda Microwave make broadband Millimeter-wave High Power Amplifier cover frequency range from 28GHz to 50GHz. This mm wave amplifier is ideal for test instrumentation uses and wide band receiver applications. Other mm wave amplifier gains and power outputs are also available. High power amplifier system equipment is available with either manual or digital control interfaces, power capacities up to 100W pulse power.

Millimeter-wave High Power Amplifier

P / N Freq. MinFreq. MaxGainGain. FlaPsatVSWRPower Supply
GHzGHzdB MindB MaxW MinV
PA255310-G70P49_A25.53170±0.580 CW1.5220
PA300380-G40P43_A303840±1.520 Pulse224
PA390410-G40P40_A394140±1.510 CW224
PA410460-G43P43_A414643±2.520 CW224

Internal Protection

  • Overheat Protection
  • VSWR Protection
  • Duty to Protection
  • Fan abnormal Protection
  • Voltage detection
  • Temperature detection
  • Current detection

Many of our Millimeter-wave High Power Amplifier products are RoHS and REACH compliant. We can also customize a model according to your specific requirements. Exceptional customer service and technical support are on hand to support our customers with Millimeter-wave Amplifier amplifier needs.

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