Medium Power Amplifier

  • Up to 40GHz;
  • Pout : 35dBm Max. ;
  • -55 to +85℃ ;
  • Stainless Steel Connectors;
  • ROHS and REACH compliant;

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General Details
Medium power amplifier from Pandamw Microwave exhibit superior performance in gain, gain flatness, linearity and dynamic range. Panda Microwave offers 10-30 dBm broadband medium power amplifiers cover frequency range from 500 MHz to 40 GHz and used Thin-film Technology. Proven designs with noise figures below 0.5dB, output P-1dB in excess of several watts and excellent linearity without compromising stability VSWR or passband ripple. Octave band amplifiers take advantage of balanced topology circuitry that provides good input/output VSWR, stability and high reliability. These medium power RF amplifiers have excellent gain flatness ranges and the IP3 output performance.

Medium Power Amplifier (Pout : 35dBm Max.)

P / N Freq.MinFreq.Max.GainGain Fla.PowerVSWROper. Temp.VCC
GHzGHzdB MindB Max.dBm MinV
PA005020-G28P25_A0.5228±1.5252.0-40 to +6512
PA008018-G30P17_A0.81.830±0.7171.6-55 to +85+15
PA070120-G30P15_A71230±1151.8-55 to +85+12
PA090110-G22P20_A91122±1202.0-55 to +85+12
PA162172-G20P20_A16.217.220±1201.8-55 to +85+12
PA260320-G20P20_A263220±1.5202.0-55 to +85+12
PA260320-G20P28_A263220±1.5282.5-55 to +85+12
PA265274-G20P15_B26.5527.4520±1.5132.0-55 to +85+12
PA270320-G40P33_A273240±2332.0-40 to +70+12
PA350380-G8P29_A35388±1.6292.0-20 to +70+6

Medium Power Amplifier Features

  • Broadband
  • 0.5~40GHz Broadband Range
  • 50 Ohms Input and Output Matched
  • -55℃~+85℃ Operating Temperature Suitable for Hash Environment
  • Modularized and Standardized Design for Easy Fine-tuning

Many of our Medium power amplifier products are RoHS and REACH compliant. We can also customize a model according to your specific requirements. Exceptional customer service and technical support are on hand to support our customers with Medium power amplifiers needs.

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