Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO)

  • Up to 40GHz;
  • Stainless Steel Connectors;
  • ROHS and REACH compliant;

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General Details
Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) are used widely in today’s electronic warfare, radar and communication systems. They find use both Commercial and Military communication systems where demanding performance, high reliability and cost are critical. The Dielectric Resonator Oscillator is made from a high dielectric constant material, within which anelectromagnetic field can be confined and made to resonate.

Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO)

P / N Out Freq.PowerConnectorsVCCCurrentPhase Noise

Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) Features

  • Low Harmonic
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Low Microphonic
  • High Power Output
  • High Vibration Operation
  • High Stability

Pandamw’s Line of Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DROs) are characterized by features exceptional phase noise, compact size, frequency stability with temperature, and is available in both surface mount and connectorized package. These characteristics make DROs a natural choice both for fundamental oscillators and as the sources for oscillators that are phase-locked to reference frequencies.

Many of our DRO products are RoHS and REACH compliant. We can also customize a model according to your specific requirements. Exceptional customer service and technical support are on hand to support our customers with DROs needs.

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