Directional Coupler

Panda Microwave Directional Coupler Test Report. We offers Directional Coupler, up to 50GHz and Standard coupling values of 6,10,20,30 and 40 dB.

DC255270-1092-1 Directional Coupler Test Parameter

P/N: DC255270-1092 50 Ohm 10dB 2.92mm-Female Directional Coupler From 25.5-27 GHz Rated at 20 Watts Cluding theoretical insertion loss due to coupling. 27 GHz, 2.92mm-Female  Directional Coupler; Ultra Broadband, Multi-Octave; Main Line VSWR 1.5, Freq. Flatness 1dB; Operating Temperature: -55 to +105℃