2 to 18 GHz 3dB 180deg Hybrid Coupler Test Curve

January 29, 2018

50 Ohm 3dB 180deg Hybrid Coupler from 2 to 18GHz Rated at 20 Watts,  P / N : HC020180-8S_A


Configuration : 

  • 18 GHz, SMA­Female Hybrid Coupler;
    Ultra Broadband, Multi­Octave;
    Phase Balance 18deg, Amp. Balance 1.2dB;
    Operating Temperature: ­55 to +105℃.

HC020180­-8S_A 2 to 18 GHz 3dB 180deg Hybrid Coupler products are RoHS and REACH compliant. We can also customize a model according to your specific requirements. Exceptional customer service and technical support are on hand to support our customers with Hybrid Couplers needs.

HC020180­-8S_A 2 to 18 GHz 3dB 180deg Hybrid Coupler available to ship from STOCK – 3 weeks ARO!

IF you have any question, Please send email to us.

Hybrid Coupler
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